The South Point Hotel and Casino

Located just twenty miles from the strip in the Las Vegas valley, the South Point Hotel and Casino was built to provide lodging for the hundreds of well-heeled visitors who would come through the town of Henderson, Nevada. Also referred to as “Henderson’s Disneyland,” the hotel offers free-flowing casino entertainment, wonderful dining, and hot spa therapies.

south point hotel and casino las vegas

The casino at the South Point has a world-class feel and the hotel is just one of the many casinos that operate there. It’s not hard to see why so many visitors love coming to the area and staying at the South Point. The hotel offers exceptional services like 24-hour room service, access to a pool and fitness center, as well as convenience on the street for easy access to shopping and dining.

When the tourists from around the country and all over the world come to Vegas, the South Point Hotel and Casino offers them such top-notch amenities that they won’t want to go home without staying there. An outstanding golf course offers guests with year-round excitement and enjoyment. Whether you are an avid golfer or are simply thinking about getting in shape, you can have all of your guests’ concerns taken care of.

Another attraction at the South Point is the “Millionaire’s Club” at the Sarver Park, which boasts its own championship golf course. The casino floor of the South Point is well known for the kind of entertainment offered to its patrons. However, it’s the activities that offer exciting entertainment to those looking to experience Las Vegas without having to spend a lot of money.

For the more active party, there are several indoor and outdoor attractions in Las Vegas that you can take advantage of. The South Point Hotel and Casino provide you with two great locations that offer an abundance of entertainment and activities for all ages. If you enjoy music, the Bellagio and Paris are well worth checking out.

Whether you want to go to the MGM Grand for a night of gambling or simply want to spend time on the Vegas Strip, you can find your way to your destination within minutes. The Bellagio Park is located just five minutes from the MGM Grand, which gives you great comfort and convenience. As soon as you leave the room, you can walk right in and enjoy an evening at the Bellagio with some great food and drinks.

The Grand Park, on the other hand, is only five minutes away from the Bellagio and takes you right to the heart of Vegas. However, if you would rather visit the Vegas Strip from the Grand Park, you can easily take a shuttle to the strip. It’s easy and convenient and is cost-effective compared to the actual trip.

The South Point Hotel and Casino are located only five minutes from the Bellagio, where you can enjoy the action and fun of the Vegas Strip while staying in comfort and luxury. In addition, you can enjoy a variety of activities including nightlife, food, shopping, and entertainment at the Grand Park. Las Vegas is only a short distance away and it’s so easy to get in touch with the great entertainment that is offered at the South Point Hotel and Casino.